A New System or an Analysis of Ancient Mythology


Jacob Bryant

First edition in two volumes 1774
Second edition in two volumes 1775
Volume 3 added 1776
Third edition in six volumes 1807

All editions published up to 1776 were large quarto volumes.
The six volumes published in 1807 are smaller but contain additional material.

Table of Contents, 1807 Edition, Volumes 1 - 6.

Complete Text, 1807 Edition, Volume 3, pp.1-74, Of the Deluge, and the Memorials thereof in the Gentile World.

Printed Copies, Quarto Editions up to 1776, Volumes 1-3.

Table of Contents - 1807 Edition

Volume 1

A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology (Title Page)
Some Account of the Life and Writings of Jacob Bryant, Esq i
Inscription on Mr Bryant's Monument in Cypenham Church xxv
Volume 1 of the 1774 or 1775 Edition Starts Here
(Excluding the Preface to the Third Volume of the Quarto Edition)
Preface xxvii
Preface to the Third Volume of the Quarto Edition xlvii
Radicals 1
Ham or Cham 3
Chus 6
Canaan 7
Mizraim 8
Nimrod 10
Titles of the Deity 13
Ab 14
Aur, Our, Or 15
El 16
On and Eon 19
Ait 21
Ad 27
Ees and Is 31
San, Son, Zan, Zaan 42
Di, Dio, Dis, Dus 46
Kur, K¡ROS, Cura 48
Cohen, or Cahen 48
Petah 52
Bel and Baal 54
Keren 57
Oph 57
Ain 62
Apha, Aphtha, Ptha, Pthas 73
Ast, Asta, Esta, Hestia 77
Shem, Shamen, Shemesh 79
Macar 83
Melech 87
Anac 88
Zar, and Sar 90
Uch 94
Phi 110
Ai 112
Common Names Relating to Places 114
Beth 120
Gau, expressed Cau, Ca and Co 122
Marti Camulo 129
Particles 148
Of Etymology, As It Has Been Too Generally Handled 161
Dissertation upon the Helladian and other Grecian Writers 179
Some Necessary Rules and Observations in Respect to Etymological Enquiries; and for the Better Understanding the Mythology of Greece 219
A Short Account of the Helladians and their Origin; in order to obviate some Objections 225
A New System or an Analysis of Antient Mythology (Title Page) 233
Of Antient Worship and of Etymological Truths Thence Deducible: Exemplified in the Names of Cities, Lakes and Rivers 235
Of Worship Paid at Caverns and the Adoration of Fire in the First Ages 269
Of the Omphi and of the Worship upon High Places 291
Pator and Patra 353
An Account of the Gods of Greece; to shew that they were all originally one God, the Sun 381

Volume 2

A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology (Title Page)
Phoenix and Phoenices 1
Of the term Cahen: the Cohen of the Hebrews 13
Of Chus; styled CR¡SOS and CR¡SAWR 45
Of Canaan, Cnaan, and CNAS; and of the derivative K¡KNOS. 63
Of Temple Science 87
Tar, Tor, Tarit 105
Tit and Tith 127
Taph, Tuph, Taphos 167
Ob, Oub, Pytho, sive de Ophiolatria 197
Cuclopes or Cyclopes 221
Volume 2 of the 1774 or 1775 Edition Starts Here
Of Temple Rites in the First Ages 255
Of Meed or MHTIS, and the Goddess Hippa 287
Rites of Damater, or Ceres 299
Campe and Campi 319
Antient Heroes 323
Osiris 324
Perseus 329
Of Myrina and the Amazonians of Libya 337
Dionusus 349
Sesostris 358
Ninus and Semiramis 376
Zoroaster 388
Orpheus 410
Cadmus 426

Volume 3

A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology (Title Page)
Of the Deluge, and the Memorials thereof in the Gentile World 1
Of Some Particular Titles and Personages 75
Janus, Saturnus, Phoroneus, Poseidon, Nereus, Proteus, Prometheus 75
Noah, Noas, N¡S, NO¡S, Nusus 100
Jonah, Chaldeorum: A Continuation of the Gentile History of the Deluge 113
Da, Particula Chaldaica 183
Of Juno, Iris, Eros, Thamuz 191
Baris or Barit, The Barith of the SS: Beroe of Nonnus, L. xli. 209
Various Types. Seirs, Cupseilis, Melitta, Rhoia, Rimmon, Side, Macon: also of Scuphos, Hippos, and the sacred Contest. 229
Of the Scyphus 267
IPPOS, or the Horse of Poseidon 273
Of the Sacred Contest 278
Additional Types. Taurus, Apis, Mneuis, Laban, Labar, Laris, Larissa. Also of Aithya, Ilithya, Orathya: and of the Manes and Lares. 283
Of Man, Maon, Liban, Laban, Labar, Lubar: Also of Lar, Laris, Larissa, Aithyia. 318
Laren, Laris, Laros, Aithya 329
Of the Cabiri, Corybantes, Idaei Dactyli, Curetes, Ignetes, Telchines, and other Arkite Priests. 341
Of the Argo and Argonautic Expedition 359
The Conclusion 415

Volume 4

A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology (Title Page)
Volume 3 Published in 1776 Starts Here
(Including the Preface to the Third Volume of the Quarto Edition mentioned earlier)
Of the Migration and Dispersion of Nations 1
Genesis. Chap. X. 83
Of the Titanian War 91
Of the Original Chaldaic History, as transmitted by Abydenus, Apollodorus, and Alexander Polyhistor, from Berosus of Babylonia. 121
Pezron 163
Of the Scythae, Scythia, Scythismus, and Hellenismus: also of the Iones and Hellenes of Babylonia; and of the Hellenes of Egypt 183
Of the Golden Age, or Age of the Cuthim 209
Of Cushan or Ethiopia; and of The Various Colonies, and Denominations of the Cuthites. 223
Of Cushan, styled Ethiopia. 228
Of the Erythreans 236
Cuthia Indica, or, Scythia Limrica. 245
Of the Indi 272
Of Egypt, and of the Arrival of the Titans in that country. 297
Concerning Ur of the Chaldees; and of The Region, from whence it was thus distinguished. 355
Of Egypt, and Its First Inhabitants; and of its Kings and Dynasties. 373
Of the Egyptian Kings, and Dynasties 401
The Reigns of the Gods, according to the Old Chronicle 410
The Egyptian Dynasties from the Deluge, as they are recorded by Manethon. 423

Volume 5

A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology (Title Page)
Of the Progress of the Ionic Worship; and of the Ionah-Hellenic Colinies 1
Of the Dorians, Pelasgi, Caucones, Myrmidones, and Arcadians 21
SPARTOI. Of the Sparti of Greece and Colchis, and of The Hebrew Spartones. 51
Of the Sparto-Hebraei 60
Meropes 75
Of Other Cuthite Colonies in Syria and in Colchis; and of Those in the West 93
Of Colchis 101
Of the Amazons 110
Of the Hyperboreans 146
Of Their Knowledge and Ingenuity 173
Of Their Buildings and Other Great Operations 189
Néaesch de la Lune. A Prayer of the Parsees. 280
A Prayer of the Same Nature, to the Sacred Bull. 281
Volume 3 Published in 1776 Ends Here
All the chapters that follow are only to be found in the 1807, six-volume edition.
A Vindication of the Apamean Medal (Title Page) 287
A Vindication of the Apamean Medal 289
Observations and Inquiries relating to Various Parts of Antient History (Title Page) 315
To His Grace the Duke of Marlborough 317
The Preface 319
Of the Wind Euroclydon. PRAXIS TWN APOSTOAWN. 325
Of the Island Melite 357

Volume 6

A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology (Title Page)
Observations upon the Antient History of Egypt; and the Nations that were Connected with it: wherein an account is given of the Shepherd Kings and the Israelites: and the place where they both resided is determined. The whole calculated to rectify in some degree the Chronology and Geography of that Kingdom : and to clear up the Difficulties with which they have hitherto been attended. 1
Of The Causes whence Many Errors Have Arisen in Inquiries Made Into Ancient History 37
A Short Account of the Geography of Egypt 45
Of the Temple of Onias called Heliopolis 81
Of the Shepherds in Egypt and the Land of Goshen 105
Of some Evidences Still Remaining, which Illustrate These Early Occurrences. 155
Some Objections Answered; and other Proofs Produced: wherein is farther shewn, that the Arabian Shepherds were distinct from the Israelites, and prior to them. 165
Of The State of Egypt at the Departure of the Arabian Shepherds 179
Some Farther Account of the Arabians who Resided in Egypt 189
Of the Departure of the First Shepherds from Egypt, and of The Amalekites. 209
Of Some Attempts of The Cuseans Upon Egypt, after they had left it. 221
Of the Edomites and Phenicians 227
A Farther Account of the Places, to which the Shepherds Retreated. 241
Additional Remarks. 257
Of Belus, Ninus, Arius, and some of the Supposed Kings of Babylonia. 257
Some Remarks on The Canon of Ptolemy. 269
Of The Chaldeans and Their Original. 273
Of Chesed, The Son of Nahor. 277
Some Observations on The Dispersion of Mankind, in reference to page 190. 285
Some Farther Observations Upon The Phenician Rites; and particularly of Their Mystical Offering. 323
Of Babylon in Egypt: and Some Other Cities, whose situations have not been truly ascertained. 335
Of The City of Orus, and the City Arabis. 341
Of Etham, and the City Boutham 347
Of Other Cities in Egypt, and of the Situation of Zoan. 351
Index 385
Directions for Placing the Plates 419

Complete Text, 1807 Edition, Volume 3, pp.1-74.

Of the Deluge, and the Memorials thereof in the Gentile World

This section describes how various characters in the Egyptian and Greek mythology are styled on Noah, and how the ancient world used to celebrate the Flood by carrying a boat in procession.

This text is public domain. The author died in 1804 and this edition was published posthumously in 1807. The copyright expired 50 years later in 1857.

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Printed Copies, Quarto Editions up to 1776, Volumes 1-3.

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